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Annually we welcome around 3,000 students and staff from over fifty schools worldwide.

Selected 2018 Trips

Service Club

After almost a year of fundraising in preparation for this trip, VSP was pleased to welcome back Billanook College to Thailand. The group spent almost two weeks with us. The trip centred on a big community service project, with plenty of adventure and a...

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Mission Community Service

Several years ago the students of American School in Japan (ASIJ) formed a service club with the aim of helping rural schools in Thailand. This year, they chose to return to Baan Nongbua School, the same school that they had helped the...

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November 2018

Teaching Team Work and Leadership (Video)

This was to be the group’s last trip together before graduating. They arrived with little knowledge of what the week had in store for them, except that there was to be a running...

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Experiential Learning – River Fieldwork

As Confucius said: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Learning outside the classroom is often more stimulating for students. The students from Yew Chung International...

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Service Learning with Hill Tribes in Thailand


“Build that wall!”

This was the motto of AIS Dhaka during their time in Thailand with VSP.

They came in search of culture and adventure, but above all, they came to serve....

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JULY 2018: Travel For Teens School Updated about 1 year ago

USA Students at your Service!

Travel For Teens come every year to take part in a community service project with VSP. This is an opportunity for students to see life in a small, traditional Thai community while helping out with a building project that genuinely changes...

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JUNE 2018: Somerset College, Australia Updated about 2 years ago

Local Life

Somerset students were able to enjoy biking and learning at the same time by cycling around Traidhos’s local neighbourhood. There were many things to see that are different from their hometown in Australia, for example a little, local village, rice...

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MAY 2018: Seoul Foreign School, Korea Updated about 2 years ago

It was recently our pleasure to welcome the students and teachers from Seoul Foreign School for their first time with VSP.

There were a lot of adventure activities included in the program, as well as some team building activities. There were two main team building activities: Low Ropes...

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APRIL 2018: Beijing World Youth Academy Updated about 2 years ago

What does a VSP service experience look like?

Our schools have been visiting and working at Ban Mae Jon Mae Fah Luang Learning Center for over ten years now. There is one teacher at the centre, who takes care of fifteen students. Her house is over one hour away – near the city...

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Caving and Climbing

Located just over an hour’s drive from Traidhos, Crazy Horse Buttress features on most “Top Climbing Sites in Asia” lists and is home to thirty-five caves.

CIS Group 1 were our first guests to enjoy a new, two-day caving...

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It has become a tradition in the years that SIS have visited us in Chiang Mai that their students spend some time with the youngsters from nearby Huay Nam Rin Children’s Centre. Since the Global Issues Network annually...

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A Magical Medley

‘Invest in your child’s learning journey. Let him join Traidhos Visiting School Program and discover the magic.’ – Ms. Beth

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Cultural Immersion

One of the highlights of AIS’s journey in Chiang Mai was a visit to Mae Kapiang with the Sangob Foundation. Mae Kapiang is a Karen hill tribe village about forty minutes away from VSP’s...

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MARCH 2018: Appleby College, Canada Updated about 2 years ago

Worlds apart?

One could argue that in a rapidly modernising world, globalisation is homogenising culture. Students from Appleby College, who were investigating the effects of globalisation, visited a Karen village to see how they are...

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Sightseeing, service and survival

It was all hands on deck as VSP ran six completely different programs for CIS this March. Despite a delayed flight leaving the students a little short on sleep, Group 5 did an amazing job of keeping their energy levels up as they took...

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Moving forward with Makhampom

VSP have been taking student groups to stay at the Makhampom Art Space for a long time and recently we have been working together with the foundation to increase the scope of our relationship. It was good timing, then, when Yew Chung...

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Happiness at Hope Home


Hope Home is a place that cares for seven children with special needs.

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February 2018: MLC School, Australia Updated about 2 years ago

Sydney students at your service!

Each year as part of their Chiang Mai trip, students from MLC School have the opportunity to take part in community service projects, which are a rewarding chance for the students to experience life in a small community while providing...

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Nord Anglia make a splash

For Nord Anglia’s first fieldwork trip with VSP, they completed a river study by following the Mae Rim river that runs from Mok Fa waterfall down past our campus. Though the weather was less sunny than we had hoped for, the students were...

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All sorts of action!

“Action” was the key word for Khartoum International School. Our newest trip leader, who comes with plenty of experience working with youths in the outdoors, tells us about the time he...

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A great example of a mutually beneficial exchange

As part of their annual visit to Chiang Mai, Concordian likes to visit a local school as a cultural exchange for their students.

This year they went to Muang Ka School, which is around 30 minutes further into...

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2018 Visitors

January 18
Multiple Intelligence International School, Philippines
Khartoum International Community School, Sudan
Nord Anglia International School, Dubai
Concordian International School, Bangkok
St. Andrews International School, Bangkok
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

February 18
KIS International School, Bangkok
Yangon International School, Myanmar
MLC School, Australia
Bromsgrove International School, Bangkok
American International School, Dhaka

March 18
Appleby College, Canada
Creative Secondary School, Hong Kong
The International School of Macau
Australian International School, Hong Kong
Canadian International School, Singapore
Canadian International School of Phnom Penh
Sekolah Bina Persada, Indonesia
Seoul International School, Korea
I Shou International School, Taiwan

April 18
Hume Lake, USA
Beijing World Youth Academy, China

May 18
Seoul Foreign School, Korea
International School of Bangkok
East China Normal University Affiliated Bilingual School

June 18
Somerset College, Australia
Compass Youth Camp
Travel For Teens, USA
Yew Chung International School, Hongkong

July 18
The Appleton School, UK
Travel For Teen Adventure, USA

September 18
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia
University of Melbourne, Australia
Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, Australia

October 18
Australian International School, Bangladesh
The International School Yangon, Myanmar
Yew Chung International School, Shanghai
Utahloy International School, Guangzhou
Seoul Foreign School, Korea

November 18
Australian International School, Hong Kong
Myanmar International School Yangon
American School in Japan
Billanook College, Australia

December 18
ACS Jakarta, Indonesia


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