Traidhos Visiting Schools Program

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Annually we welcome around 3,000 students and staff from over fifty schools worldwide.

Selected 2017 Trips

Service Learning as a Tool for Shaping Leaders

It is a Friday evening in September 2017. The sun has set and you are just about to settle down for the night. You have been up since 4am, as usual, with several hungry pigs and two little human mouths to feed before...

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ASIJ students’ week-long service “like a dream” for local teacher

Many schools in northern Thailand struggle to get the funding for new building projects, which is why it is quite common for international organisations to come here and offer their...

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Painting and Playing at Cho Lae Kindergarten

While HKIS were on their tour of northern Thailand with VSP, they got themselves stuck into some community service work for a local kindergarten. Cho Lae Kindergarten had been awarded funding by the government to build a new...

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NOVEMBER 2017: UWCSEA East Updated about 3 years ago

Cultural Immersion

Right from the outset, UWC students were up to their necks in local culture – or, more precisely, up to the tops of their heads as they all got dressed up in traditional northern Thai clothing complete with farmers’ hats and flowery hair...

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OCTOBER 2017: Utahloy International School Updated about 3 years ago

A quick change of plan after heavy rain

For the first time, Utahloy IS Zengcheng joined their sister school in Guangzhou on their visit to Chiang Mai. This meant we welcomed 78 people in total – a big increase on last year. The program was mostly unchanged from...

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Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is the northernmost province of Thailand. It is a mountainous province as rich in history as it is in beautiful nature. Chiang Rai is located at the boundary of 3 countries: Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The area where all three countries meet is...

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Billanook College: A Tale of Buddhist Culture and Community Buildings

Billanook College has been coming to VSP for over 15 years now to do community service. Before going to Mae Hong Son for their project they spent some time visiting Doi Suthep Temple, which is the...

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Old City Adventure

Over nine days, students from Ivanhoe Grammar School experienced a mixture of adventure and cultural activities, including biking, cooking, a language lesson, visiting elephants and a trip to a local mountain village to build a wall for a local...

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Jungle Cooking

Imagine you are in the jungle and you start feeling peckish. Would you be able to rustle up a meal?

Well, students from Monte Sant’Angelo Mercy College had an introduction to jungle cooking as part of their visit to the Traidhos...

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JULY 2017: Travel for Teens Updated about 3 years ago

Rearing Retired Elephants and Rafting on Racing Rapids

Elephants all over Thailand are surely celebrating after a satisfyingly wet start to the rainy season this year.

We know of at least twenty-four other creatures excited to be in Thailand this July –...

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Garden IS students learn an unexpected skill

“I have never made cement before.”

“How can I make cement?”

These are some questions that came up when...

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May 2017: The Montessori School, Australia Updated about 3 years ago

Wat Ban Den: a temple with a difference…

Until 1988, Wat Ban Den was in a poor condition. Give it another few years, however, and it could be set to become one of northern Chiang Mai’s most iconic attractions. For now, at least, it is very much off the...

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Pedaling and Paddling

VSA enjoyed one of most popular days out in Chiang Mai’s countryside – biking and kayaking their way to a successful day!

Some of the students had never ridden a mountain bike before so they were a little bit nervous....

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Taking inspiration from a big personality

When Kru Jet appeared as the guest on Thailand’s award-winning talk show, Johjai, his caption read Kru Doi – Phu Sia Sala, which translates as Mountain Teacher – a Man of Sacrifice. Anyone...

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TIS Macau Updated about 3 years ago

7 – 12 March 2017

For city kids from Macau, visiting a hill tribe village in northern Thailand was a completely new, eye-opening experience. We travelled with our vans along the winding mountain roads between the forest-covered hills to reach the beautiful, yet...

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Fern Hill/St Andrews Trip Report Updated about 3 years ago

4 – 16 March 2017

This year we had the privilege of hosting two schools in one trip, as Fern Hill School from Canada and St Andrews School from USA combined students for their Chiang Mai adventure. This dynamic group of students went through a solid variety of...

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Canadian International School Updated about 3 years ago

19 – 24 March 2017

In March 2017 VSP welcomed Canadian International School from Singapore, who, during their week full of adventure activities, decided to give something to the community of Muang Kaen in the Mae Taeng District.

A hundred students,...

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Methodist Ladies’ College Updated about 3 years ago

This February VSP warmly welcomed Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) to experience the wonders of Northern Thailand with two weeks full of adventure, experiential learning, and five hardcore yet fantastic days of community service in Ban Mae Mae. It was an amazing week packed with all sorts...

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2017 Visitors

January 17
Khartoum International Community School, Sudan
Multiple Intelligence IS, Philippines
IS Yangon, Myanmar
St Andrews International School Sukhumvit 71, Bangkok
St Andrews International School Sukhumvit 107, Bangkok
Concordian IS, Bangkok

February 17
MLC School, Australia
International School Bangkok
Prem Tinsulanonda IS, Chiang Mai
Yew Chung IS of Shanghai, China
American IS Dhaka, Bangladesh
Yangon IS, Myanmar

March 17
Seoul IS, South Korea
Yew Chung IS, Hong Kong
Australian IS, Hong Kong
Appleby College, Canada
Fern Hill School, Canada
The International School, Macau
I-Shou IS, Taiwan
KIS, Bangkok
Canadian IS, Singapore
Stamford School, Indonesia

April 17
Beijing World Youth Academy, China
Creative Secondary School, Hong Kong
Australian International School, Singapore

May 17
Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong
The Montessori School, Perth, Australia

June 17
Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong
Garden International School, Malaysia
Compass Youth Leadership Camp

July 17
Travel For Teens (Elephants), USA
Travel For Teens (Service), USA

August 17

September 17
Billanook College, Australia
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia
Monte Sant'Angelo Mercy College, Australia

October 17
Hong Kong International School
International School Dhaka, Bangladesh
International School Yangon, Myanmar
Utahloy International School Guangzhou, China
Utahloy International School Zengcheng, China
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China

November 17
American International School, Hong Kong
American School in Japan
UWCSEA (Dover Campus)
UWCSEA Singapore (East Campus)

December 17
ACS Jakarta, Indonesia