Traidhos Visiting Schools Program

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Annually we welcome around 3,000 students and staff from over fifty schools worldwide.

Selected 2014 Trips

Firbank Grammar (July 2014) Updated more than 5 years

This has been indeed another busy year for VSP's frequent visitor Firbank Grammar from Australia. With this visit Firbank brought 100 students and 10 staff to Chiang Mai where they were split into four groups.  Each took part in one of four rotational parts which represent the four main...

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At the end of April we welcomed a group of students and staff from Hong Kong International School. The trip was a mix of outdoor activities, cultural awareness and a day of doing shopping at the very famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The students and staff were split into three groups and each...

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IS Brussels trip (April 2014) Updated more than 5 years

It was a perfect summer, around 18 degrees Celsius in Brussels, Belgium. The students were still in their hoodies and jackets when they arrived at the Chiang Mai International Airport. They were not prepared for the kind of ‘warm’ welcome they were about to receive! It was one of the...

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Chiang Mai is northern Thailand’s most popular tourist destination. For Ívisitors it is famous for its adventure, nature and culture. Within Asia it is probably best known for Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep – often referred to by foreigners as ‘that temple on the...

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Earlier this year we welcomed for the first time to Traidhos a group of students and staff from Wells International School, Bangkok. The week was a mix of adventure activities, cultural awareness, team building and a day on the farm. The team was split into three groups allowing the students to...

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Yew Chung Century (February 2014) Updated more than 5 years

On 18 February 2014 a group of fifteen keen and eager young adults from Shanghai arrived on our campus to start nine days of education, excitement and cultural experience.

They started their trip by learning some basic Thai Language and settling into their new home. We then spent the...

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Chiang Mai is a gifted place that has beautiful scenery with a very strong sense of culture. In February we welcomed Yangon International School, returning for a second year to our beautiful campus. We were to spend a complex six-day programme together.

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Whitworth University (January 2014) Updated more than 5 years

The Visiting Schools Program welcomed eleven students and one staff member from Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington, USA, who were attending an educational trip at Prem school for twenty-one days in January 2014.

The first day started with a Thai Language and Culture lesson....

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BIS Vietnam River Study (January 2014) Updated more than 5 years

Beyond the misty hinterlands of Chiang Dao the Mae Rim River begins its journey. It winds its way through curving mountain slopes before meandering slowly into the valley. This river, like all rivers, tells a story of how the land used to be and of the people who always depend on it. What...

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2014 Visitors

January 14
Whitworth University, USA
Khartoum International Community School, Sudan
British IS, Vietnam
Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong
Multiple Intelligence IS, Manila
Wells IS, Thailand

February 14
IS Dhaka, Bangladesh
International School of Bangkok, Thailand
American IS, Dhaka
ISS International School, Singapore
Yangon International School, Myanmar

March 14
YCIS Shanghai Century Campus, China
YCIS Puxi Campus, China
International School of Macau
Canadian IS, Singapore
Appleby College, Canada
Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia
Canadian IS, Bangalore

April 14
Geelong College, Australia
Hong Kong IS
IS of Brussels, Belgium
Canadian IS, Singapore
Concordian IS, Singapore

May 14
Qatar Academy, Doha
The IS @ Park City, Malaysia

June 14
Billanook College, Australia

July 14
Garden IS, Malaysia
Firbank Grammar, Australia

September 14
Yew Chung IS, HK
Somerset College, Australia
Melbourne University, Australia
Mont Sant'Angelo, Australia

October 14
American IS, HK
Utahloy IS, China

November 14
Mentari IS, Indonesia
American School,Japan
Billanook College, Australia

December 14
STB ACS, Indonesia
Taihu IS, China