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2014 Trips

16 Oct 2015 Updated about 4 years ago

Whitworth University (January 2014)

The Visiting Schools Program welcomed eleven students and one staff member from Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington, USA, who were attending an educational trip at Prem school for twenty-one days in January 2014.

The first day started with a Thai Language and Culture lesson. During the lesson the participants learned how to greet and thank people, how to count in Thai and some other useful phrases. They practised how to write their name in Thai language. They also learned how to dress appropriately during their time in Thailand, especially when visiting temples, in order not to offend any of the local people. This is something that can seriously improve the general opinion of foreigners and something to which most visitors here are completely oblivious.

 "I found the most interesting activity was the visit to Doi Suthep temple and the monk chat, which was fascinating! As a history teacher with little experience in Asian culture I was excited to see a magnificent Buddhist temple with my own eyes and had the chance to talk to a monk and learn about the religion and culture further. It is an experience I have read about in books and accounts from others but have never had the opportunity to experience myself, until now. I will surely be using it in the future to educate my students." – Jeffrey Dickmann

"Personally the Elephant Nature Park was the most memorable experience for me. Witnessing the majesty of these incredible animals and sharing in their unique habitat was magical. I don’t think I’ll be surrounded by that many elephants again in my life so it’s a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life!" – Makena Busch

"The market experiences were the most interesting just because they are nothing like anything from here at home. Also just seeing the amount of culture in the markets was great!" – Kelsy Shatto

They spent their fun time playing games with the lovely kids at Huay Nam Rin Orphanage.

 "My experience in Thailand was truly a life changing one and I cannot wait to see where I will go in life because of it! Thanks to all staff for everything. You all had a hand in my experience and making me feel welcome on campus and in the surrounding areas!" – Jeffrey Dickmann

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