Traidhos Visiting Schools Program

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Annually we welcome around 3,000 students and staff from over fifty schools worldwide.

Selected 2019 Trips

Temple Hunt at Wat Ban Den

Stamford school took on a new activity at VSP this year – orienteering around Wat Ban Den, one of Northern Thailand’s most impressive temples.

The Stamford students were split into four sub-groups, who then competed...

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February 2019 : MLC School, Sydney Updated about 1 year ago

Two projects, two weeks of service

Each year, students of MLC School have the opportunity to take part in rewarding community service projects. These offer students the chance to experience life in a small community while providing assistance on much needed building...

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January 2019: Yew Chung Hong Kong Updated about 1 year ago

Building an Appetite for CAS

A now bi-yearly visitor to Traidhos, Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong returned on their brand new winter program. Sixteen Pre-Diploma Program International Baccalaureate students came to Chiang Mai to get a taste of CAS...

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Bromsgrove Year 13 Updated about 1 year ago

Back in 2017 VSP staff Mike Horrocks attended the Empower Action Workshop to learn about the different ways that schools and organisations are approaching service learning. He came back to Chiang Mai feeling inspired to strengthen the capacity for service as a positive experience for our...

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2019 Visitors